Additional Services

Feel free to have a look at the services our sister companies can offer.

Marketing Lounge Partnership

Specialising in the creation, implementation and management of tailored customer engagement strategies, designed to reward customers and improve advocacy levels.

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Fulfilment and Contact Solutions

Providing comprehensive support to our clients for their marketing campaigns, including call handling, data processing and fulfilment services, from distributing cash back to vouchers and gift cards to wine.

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MLP Rewards

Specialising in the production of bespoke marketing publications and voucher based propositions.

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MLP CRM & Customer Loyalty

Provides specialist services in the area of CRM & customer loyalty, to help clients understand their customers and develop targeted campaigns to build stronger relationships, leading to increased value

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The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

What we do


We Create, Manage and Develop Automotive Customer Engagement Solutions. Rewarding Customers at Key Stages of the Customer Journey.

We offer differentiation to attract conquest customers to your brand, and continue to add value to the relationship through incentive and reward, enabling improved levels of retention and advocacy among your customers.

Customer Acquisition and Retention are at the very heart of our focus. We understand the challenges presented by the ever-advancing Automotive industry and how the customer journey can be affected by them.

MLP Automotive take a holistic view of these challenges, and deliver a programme that offers value both to our client and their customer. It is this value, delivered throughout the customer journey, that cements the relationship by rewarding engagement, building loyalty and encouraging advocacy along the way.

Our industry experience gives us insight, and knowledge of the key pressure points in the Automotive calendar allows us to develop seasonal, relevant campaigns to help achieve our clients’ tactical objectives and deliver a refreshing customer experience to boot.

We are committed to delivering simple, measurable, valuable customer engagement solutions to every sector of the Automotive industry.