Our Advantages

Conquest Acquisition

We offer differentiation to encourage engagement with new customers to your brand and dealership. We have the latest technology at our disposal to analyse the market and identify automotive market prospects and incentivise them to visit your sites to try your products and services.

Customer Retention

We add value at every stage of the customer journey, to ensure that your customers feel valued and continue to use your services post-sale. We can help boost your Aftersales penetration levels and deliver the repeat dealer engagement that ensures customer loyalty and mutually beneficial repeat business.

Loyalty & Renewal

Our experience in many industry sectors that have a cycle of purchase and renewal allows us to clearly understand the key touch-points to reward customers for their loyalty – we create manufacturer CRM and loyalty programmes that begin at the point of handover and come full circle to the F&I Renewal stage.


Through all our customer communication programmes we run for manufacturers and dealers alike, there is a common thread woven throughout to bring fresh interest and footfall to dealerships. A satisfied, loyal customer is the best advocate for any brand and MLP know how to deliver them in the Automotive sector.

Who are we?

A division of The Marketing Lounge Partnership, The MLP Automotive team has been built around a core of industry experience, giving us a clear understanding of the challenges faced by your business. We are highly experienced in delivering Sales, F&I & Aftersales financial performance against a backdrop of consistent CSI excellence.

The team is led by Stuart Lawton. His industry expertise has been developed in a number of senior sales and management roles in major PLCs and leading independent businesses. Stuart brings over 15 years of invaluable industry experience from the motor retail sector. The bulk of his career to date has been leading sales teams within Sytner Group.

We actively recruit team members from the Automotive industry. This industry knowledge is ingrained throughout the team, enabling MLP Automotive with the understanding to deliver insight-led solutions to the financial challenges faced by your business.

We are also Automotive customers, and understand the customer experience across the entire landscape. This allows us to ensure that every solution we develop has the customer at the heart.

Customer Satisfaction is not just another number to measure a dealer or brand by. It is the single-most important factor to be considered at every stage of the customer journey and allows us to deliver customer loyalty and advocacy to our clients with every campaign.